Say what?

I've just returned home after almost two months of leading small group tours in Europe. As I'm editing my way through over a thousand photos, I came across this one that I took at the Waterford Crystal factory in Ireland. I'm fairly certain this guy's hearing protection is not doing him much good.

Torre Gemelli

Sixteen years ago today I was driving from Zürich to Rome, enjoying the views of the countryside. The radio announcer suddenly broke in, very emotional and speaking in Italian too rapid for me to catch much more than 'Torre Gemelli' – something had happened at the Twin Towers. It wasn't until I reached my hotel in Rome that I realized the magnitude of the events.

Travel Thought for the Week

“Travel sharpens the senses. Abroad one feels, sees and hears things in an abnormal way.”

– Paul Fussell, The Norton Book of Travel

Homage to Barcelona

Hey Barcelona, see you next month.

What a horrible loss...

Over the weekend thieves stole 20 tons of Nutella and Kinder eggs, taking an entire trailer full of the stuff in central Germany. I think I'll head to my local warehouse store and buy a two-pack of the industrial size before prices spike.

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