German Village sold for $165,000

If only I'd known it was for sale...the village of Alwine, located about 50 miles north of Dresden, recently sold for €140,000 (about $165,000). The sale of the village, currently home to about 20 people, included the land and all of the buildings (but hopefully not the residents).

Small Group Tour of Northern Spain

With cosmopolitan cities and ancient villages, rolling vineyards and rugged mountains, Northern Spain is as unforgettable as it is eclectic. Experience the finest sights and tastes often missed by other travellers on a journey to the heart of this diverse region. Visit the fishing village where Salvador Dali formed his surrealist vision, and discover the artist’s workshop, library and gardens. Visit the salt mines in Cardona, and enjoy Michelin-starred cuisine at an inventive restaurant in the Basque Country. More Details.

New Travel Advisory System

The US State Department plans to introduce a new travel advisory system in January. Right now there are only two levels – a travel advisory, and a travel warning. The limited options sometimes leave travelers unsure of just how dangerous a destination might be.

The new system will have four levels:

Level 1 - Exercise normal precautions
Level 2 - Exercise increased caution
Level 3 - Reconsider travel
Level 4 - Do not travel

Travel Thought for the Week

“Les rivières sont des chemins qui marchent.”

(Rivers are moving roads.)

– Blaise Pascal (1623-1662), French philosopher

Relatives in the old country

I've designed many custom tours over the years for groups who are meeting relatives living in Europe. Most of these groups want to mix some sightseeing with visits to places that normal tours would never go – to see the towns where their ancestors came from, and meet with aunts, uncles, or cousins who remained behind in the 'old country'. More than 20 years ago I took this group from Wisconsin to Germany, where they stopped to meet their cousin in Wuppertal. #tbt

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