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Throwback Thursday

A beautiful summer day in 2006, enjoying a day of hiking with one of my groups in the Alpi di Susi, part of the Italian Dolomites. #TBT


Hotel Report Card: Hotel La Pérouse (Nice, France)

Hotel La Pérouse  ★★★★
11 quai Rauba-Capeu, 06300 Nice
Tel: (0)4-93-62-34-63, Fax: (0)4-93-62-59-41

You too can be part of the Riviera jet-set by staying in this small hotel. Designed like a private villa, many of the rooms have balconies with sweeping views of the bay, the beaches and old town Nice. Rooms are smaller than I would expect at this price, but you may spend all of your time on the balcony anyway.
The super friendly staff seem to genuinely care about you, and anticipate every need.

Singles: €275 to €475, Doubles: €275 to €475, Triples: €305 to €505, Suites: €950
Credit Cards: All major credit cards accepted.

Hotel Style: Boutique; 62 Rooms
Grades: A+ (Location), A (Property), A (Rooms).


Bye bye circonflexe ^

For anybody who has struggled with the spelling of French words, littered with letters and accents that seemingly do nothing to affect the pronunciation, here is some welcome news. The Academie Francaise, which maintains the purity and regularity of the French language, is updating the spelling of certain words.

The French are, of course, outraged. Transportation strikes, protests, marches and general uproar is sure to follow.


Travel Thought for the Week


Friday Night Movie: Amadeus

You may not be able to head to Europe every week, but I've got you covered with a movie that will get you prepared for your next trip, or just take you there mentally.

This week's Hand Crafted pick is Amadeus.

This Oscar winning movie is a perfect introduction to the impish genius who changed music history. A must watch if you are heading to Austria or to Prague. Austria is obvious – Mozart was born in Salzburg and spent much of his life there and in Vienna.

In Mozart's time the Czech Republic didn't exist; it was part of the Holy Roman Empire (later the Austro-Hungarian Empire). Mozart visited and performed in Prague, and the movie was shot almost entirely on location in Prague, which looks more like 18th century Vienna than Vienna does today.

Rent it and watch it now.

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