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Little known facts about the Vatican's Swiss Guards

The guards at the Vatican all come from Switzerland, most people who have visited Rome know that, but the Newly Swissed blog has some interesting facts about the Swiss Guard that most people don't know.


Plague in London

In 1665 a plague ravaged London, killing around a quarter of the population. Thanks to a burial site discovered last year during construction of the Crossrail Project, researchers have now confirmed that the source of the plague was the bubonic bacteria.


Brunello: future and past

A great visit once again at Il Palazzone in Montalcino.


Easy access to mountains from Bolzano

Soprabolzano, a little village in the mountains above the city of Bolzano, Italy is easy to reach by cable car from the center of Bolzano. Dozens of trailheads, gorgeous views, and relaxing cafes.


Views in Barbaresco

The medieval tower in the center of Barbaresco, Italy has an elevator to the top, making it easy to get views of the vineyards and surrounding countryside.

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